Our strength lies within our employees

We can only do our job and deliver what our customers need every day if our employees believe in the importance of their jobs. “Maxima” is the largest employer in Lithuania, so taking care of the employees is an essential part of our daily work.

We value our team, which currently consists of about 15,000 employees. We create hundreds of job opportunities every year and we increasingly focus on and invest in improving the work environment. We want “Maxima” to be a place where our employees find themselves and become true professionals.

People come to work for “Maxima” for a number of different reasons, but they stay for flexible working hours, safe and secure work environment, access to trainings, a possibility to acquire new skills and grow within the organisation. Our goal is to hire, train, and retain the best employees and earn their loyalty.

All “Maxima” employees are familiarized with the Code of Business Ethics of “Vilniaus prekyba”. It includes the standards of conduct we follow working and collaborating with one another and with customers, partners, suppliers, government and other authorities, as well as with society.

We take anti-corruption measures to ensure compliance with the Code of Business Ethics and legislation. We work on extending corruption prevention, provide periodic trainings to all employees on how to prevent potential fraud, to conduct regular monitoring of the anti-corruption program, and investigate, and take action to address possible violations.

In cases of corruption, abuse, violations related to work organization, working conditions, work and rest time records, remuneration, occupational safety and health, etc., everyone is asked to notify “Maxima” by calling 8 5 204 5090, confidentiality guaranteed. An employee who reports a violation of the company’s internal procedures shall not be subject to dismissal, use of force, or other adverse consequences.