About us

MAXIMA is the Lithuanian retail market leader. It is the largest Lithuanian capital company and the biggest employer in the Baltic States.

The history of the largest retail trade network in the Baltic States began in 1992, when several stores were opened in Vilnius under different trademarks. Today, we can boldly say that the history of building up the retail chain MAXIMA is a success story, as no other company has gained such financial success, awareness in the society, and appreciation by the buyers from the time of declaration of independence in the Baltic States.

Over 550,000 buyers visit different formats of MAXIMA stores in Lithuania every day. As on the 1st of January 2017, there were 237 stores operating in Lithuania.

Our goal is for MAXIMA to become the most convenient store for the buyers, therefore we pay most of our attention to the convenience. For us, convenience means giving our customer the possibility to find goods placed in a clear, orderly and uniform manner. For the buyer, convenience means the doubtless value for money, the possibility to reliably buy everything in one place. 

Referring to different buying needs, we have developed stores of various sizes: MAXIMA X, MAXIMA XX and MAXIMA XXX. Each size is set according to a certain standard, so that buyers could easily orientate and find the necessary goods. A part of the retail space MAXIMA XX and MAXIMA XXX shopping centres is leased to specialized shops, to make sure that the customers can find all the goods and services in one place. MAXIMA X is a community store close to one’s home, where people go every day to buy the necessity goods without spending much time in the store. 

MAXIMA stores are easy to find, as they operate in big cities, small towns and district centres. MAXIMA is also working on supplementing the product and service range and making them more accessible to customers, as well as making them of higher quality than those already existing in the market. 

Since the 9th January 2017 the head of the MAXIMA retail chain in Lithuania is Kristina Meidė.

Our mission: We help you to take care of your family by offering to purchase neccessary products conveniently and for a good price.

Our vision: be the leader in retail

Our values:

We work for the client: Everyone is important: We are a responsible member of the public United team: Get things done: An extensive network, high product quality, wide selection, low prices, convenient environment - these are the main qualities that shape the buyers' perception of a shop. In order to fulfill the different needs of different buyers, MAXIMA shops have several types: MAXIMA X, MAXIMA XX, MAXIMA XXX.

All of the shops have a certain standard and ensure that the whole range of products fits that standard. In that way buyers can easily find all they need without spending a lot of time.

The smallest of our shops are labelled with MAXIMA X and can be found close to living areas and offer a store, where you can find everything you need for your daily meals. MAXIMA XX is suitable for those buyers, who want to shop fast, but also like a wide range of products to choose from. MAXIMA XXX on the other hand are large and convenient shopping centres, which are located in strategically important points in the city. MAXIMA XXX shops offer a very large selection of products, low prices and high quality products and services. They are exclusive because they offer fresh meat and culinary sections, bakeries and smokeries, as well as special market areas next to the shop.

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