About us

The largest Lithuanian capital company

Maxima LT, UAB, the company that manages MAXIMA retail chain, is the largest Lithuanian capital company, as well as one of the largest taxpayers and the largest employer in the country. More than 400,000 customers visit the Maxima stores operating in Lithuania every day, where there are about 250 stores located over the country. Through the daily work of the entire network and of each employee, an extremely wide range of goods is available to MAXIMA customers at a good price, creating the best possible shopping experience.

The history of the Baltic retail leader began in 1992, with the opening of the first stores in Vilnius. The retail chain was established after the restoration of Lithuania’s independence and it has grown together with Lithuania and the people who created it. Today, MAXIMA’s business can be boldly called a nationwide business success story, written through the combined efforts of its employees, customers and suppliers.

Lithuanian retail chain

MAXIMA, as the largest job creator in the country (the company employs about 15,000 people), is proud to be a Lithuanian retail network. About 80 percent of the fresh food offered in MAXIMA stores is Lithuanian, while goods made in Lithuania make up more than half of all the products sold. The retail chain is committed to maintaining the quantity of its Lithuanian goods and to increasing the number of items from local producers in its product range.

When collaborating with its suppliers, MAXIMA promotes the principles of transparency, honesty, openness, goodwill, sustainability, communication and respect of the Lithuanian heritage. When creating its assortment, MAXIMA also supports initiations, solutions and products that promote healthier nutrition, conservation of resources and environment, and the nurturing of Lithuanian products while also paying attention to problems and helping reduce social exclusion in the country.

Stores of four different sizes and formats

Given that various customers have different needs, there are stores of several different sizes operating in Lithuania, i.e. MAXIMA X, MAXIMA XX, MAXIMA XXX and MAXIMA XXXX. These stores are easy to find because they operate in big cities, smaller towns and district centres. In the largest stores, part of the retail space is leased to specialized stores, so that the customers can find all the products and services they need in one place. Meanwhile, MAXIMA X is a community store that is located close to populated neighbourhoods, to which people go every day to quickly buy the products they need.

Socially responsible business

MAXIMA strives to be a valuable part of the community, wherever it operates. It is a socially responsible company and is always happy to contribute to the social projects initiated by both public institutions and private initiatives. Last year, the company allocated EUR 800 thousand for social projects.

Every year, the most talented Lithuanian students can apply for the Lithuanian Maximalists scholarship established by MAXIMA. In 2020, the scholarship fund reached EUR 80 thousand.

For 5th year in a row, MAXIMA has implemented the We Are One Community project, in which different communities submit projects that could contribute to the well-being of their members. In 2020, EUR 90 thousand was allocated for the implementation of 15 projects involving various communities in Lithuania.

MAXIMA has been constantly cooperating with Food Bank, Mothers' Union, SOS Children's Village, Order of Malta, Ankstukai and other social organisations.

Maxima is also a member of the Association of Lithuanian Trade Companies and the Investors’ Forum.

Mission, vision, values

We create value in a responsible manner by ensuring the best price, product range and customer service.
Most valued retail company in Lithuania.
We work for the customers:
  • We work in such a way that makes customers want to come back again.
  • We treat our customers fairly.
  • We offer what the customers need.
Everyone is important:
  • I treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • I communicate respectfully with my colleagues, partners and clients.
  • I am a responsible member of the community.
A united team:
  • We listen to each other.
  • We share knowledge and experience.
  • We respect the work and time of others.
We just do it:
  • We are active.
  • We take responsibility.
Since 13 March 2020, CEO of MAXIMA, LT UAB is Jolanta Bivainytė.

The Board of MAXIMA LT, UAB consists of 3 members:
Jolanta Bivainytė
Vilius Rimkus
Director of Assets Management Departament of MAXIMA LT
Lauryna Šaltinė
director of the finance department at MAXIMA LT, UAB.
Data is provided in thousands of euros
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Turnover excluding VAT 1 418 337 1 500 318 1 535 938 1 566 252 1 551 203 1 546 879 1 638 384 1 709 698 1 689 164
Retail turnover excluding VAT 1 323 066 1 383 828 1 418 025 1 443 485 1 412 652 1 429 917 1 518 216 1 590 663 1 650 444
Wholesale turnover excluding VAT 67 012 84 342 86 279 90 955 99 973 77 489 82 122 79 610 1 364
Other income excluding VAT 28 259 32 148 31 634 31 812 38 578 39 472 38 045 39 425 37 356
Investments in fixed assets 15 435 10 368 12 395 10 573 17 083 19 890 17 625 25 248 14 768
Profit before tax 54 670 57 729 64 880 83 829 63 655 62 113 115 339 91 575 231 347
Income tax 9 463 8 077 8 843 11 462 10 146 8 007 8 878 7 934 11 647
Information valid as of 1 January each year
Information valid as of 1 January each year