Contacts for service providers

We not only sell food and industrial goods, and provide different services to our customers, but also use third-party services. Apart from developing our business, we also aim at creating a cultured environment: we take care of the functionality, cleanliness, nice appearance of our employees, and respect the environment we operate in.

To make the Company function in harmony, we invite to place tenders on the procurement of tens of different services, which are daily and on demand provided by third parties specialising in their respective fields: companies known and appreciated by Lithuanian customers. Therefore, if you know you job well, can offer a new service or think that you can guarantee a higher quality of service than others, you are welcome to contact us. 

You can offer us:

If you wish to offer your services to MAXIMA shopping centres, please e-mail us: or call us: 8 5 268678, 8 5 2686611.