Contacts for product suppliers

We offer our buyers a wide range of different food and industrial goods. In order to meet the buyers' different daily needs and ensure a wide range of goods in our stores, we actively cooperate wit about 900 Lithuanian and foreign suppliers.

We strive for our customer to shop conveniently in MAXIMA stores and quickly get other important things done, which is why we continue to rapidly expand the range of services provided to the buyers. As much as 10 different services provided by us and third parties are offered in our stores. Here you can pay your bills, top up your phone credit, acquire an insurance policy, get a loan, etc.

Cooperation with suppliers of goods and services is an important part of our business. We treat our suppliers as equal business partners, seek a partnership based on mutual trust and appreciate a responsible approach to our cooperation. 


This is what we expect from our present and future partners:

  • Common approach to the customers and meeting of their needs;
  • High quality and safe products;
  • Relevant and professional services;
  • Competitive product / service pricing;
  • Constructive and fruitful daily work;
  • Responsible approach to cooperation (deadlines, etc.)
  • Constructive discussions, seeking for mutually acceptable solutions. 


Contact information

If you wish to offer your goods to MAXIMA shopping centres, please e-mail us to: